Steel Smooth Finish

Industry Leader

Over the past 50+ years, General Polymer, Inc. has established itself as a technology leader by being among the first to introduce coatings for vacuum metallizing for plastic closures, ‘Mono-Bake systems’ for the Steel Container Industry, a water-base line for plastic closures, and High Solids and Ultra High Solids Enamels. We presently offer a full range of Waterbourne, VOC Compliant High Solids, Ultra High Solids and traditional Solventbourne systems and UV coating systems.

Our diversified product line is utilized in a broad range of applications worldwide. Uses range from cosmetic packaging, bowstring coatings for Olympic archers to steel applications of all types.

Made In-House For Your Specific Product

General Polymer Inc. develops and produces chemically engineered coating systems for an array of industries for over a quarter of a century. We are the coatings company many industries turn to for specific and exclusive application requirements.

Glass Application

Perfume Bottles

Have a color matching project in mind?

Great! Reach out to us to discuss your application needs, and we will engineer your custom coating in-house and send you a sample to test on your production line.