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High Quality Water Based Coatings

For over 50 years, General Polymer has developed coating technologies and applications for companies across the world.


Since 1968

Diverse engineering capabilities

General Polymer Inc. develops and produces chemically engineered coatings for an array of industries. Whether it’s a specific color, texture or an extraordinary application we stand ready to engineer and exceed your specifications.

Coatings Technologies:

Looking for custom colors, textures or that extraordinary application requirement. General Polymer continues to produce well-engineered systems for companies of any size.

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Years Of Experience

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Made In-House For Your Specific Product

Industrial Applications

Explore our broad portfolio of high performance industrial applications. We strive to provide our clients with dependable coatings.

Glass Applications

Designed to protect against scratching with a durable thin film coating.

Steel Applications

Producing a tough, smooth and sleek, application for any steel surface.

Cordage Applications

Applications for many hard-to-coat modern fibers, such as dyneema and kevlar.

Outdoor Sports / Military

Designed for the rigours of sporting and military / law enforcement needs.

Plastic Applications

Producing a tough and beautiful exterior surface for plastics.

Custom Applications

Looking for a coating for a unique application? We will design to meet your product needs.

Have a color matching project in mind?

Reach out to our office to discuss your application needs, and we will engineer your custom coating in-house and send you a sample to test on your production line.

Why Choose Us

We Are An Industry Leader

Over the past 50+ years, General Polymer, Inc. has established itself as a technology leader by being among the first to introduce coatings for vacuum metallizing for plastic closures, ‘Mono-Bake systems’ for the Steel Container Industry, a water-base line for plastic closures, and High Solids and Ultra High Solids Enamels. We presently offer a full range of Waterbourne, VOC Compliant High Solids, Ultra High Solids and UV coating systems.

We ship internationally.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding our color matching products, we’ll be happy to answer them. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.

Can GPI match a specific color?

Yes, we can match any color. We recommend our customers send a physical sample of the color instead of a digital copy, as color variances can be altered on screen compared to the actual product.


Where do you ship?

We can ship domestically and internationally. Please contact us directly for a price quote for your location.


I have a product that is not featured on your website. Can GPI develop a coating for it?

Contact us directly, our senior engineer would be happy to discuss this further.


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