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About Us

About Us

Industry Leaders

Over the past 50+ years, General Polymer, Inc. has established itself as a technology leader by being among the first to introduce coatings for vacuum metallizing for plastic closures, ‘Mono-Bake systems’ for the Steel Container Industry, a water-base line for plastic closures, and High Solids and Ultra High Solids Enamels. We presently offer a full range of Waterbourne, VOC Compliant High Solids, Ultra High Solids and UV coating systems.

Our Products

Our diversified product line is utilized in a broad range of applications worldwide. Uses range from cosmetic packaging, bowstring coatings for Olympic archers to steel applications of all types.

Water Based Coatings

GPI can provide this innovation and technology to your challenging production environment.

International Shipping

We not only service companies within the United States. If you're located outside of the US, we can ship to you.

50+ Years Of Excellence

Since 1968, General Polymer has become synonymous with providing the highest caliber of chemically engineered coating systems today’s technology can offer.

Have a color matching project in mind?

Great! Reach out to us to discuss your application needs, and we will engineer your custom coating in-house and send you a sample to test on your production line.

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